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Many of today’s business challenges are driving the need to automate. While robotic automation is increasingly a focus, simple automation systems such as a load/unload unit can have a significant impact on improving the productivity of your machine shop.

When it comes to automating the modern punch press, the payoffs can drive your shop’s results to new levels. Here’s what you can expect when you add automation like a LVD Flexible Automation System (FA-P) to a Strippit PX punch press:

Ability to run a job-list and keep track of jobs electronically, which:

  • Assists with Lean Manufacturing
  • Places jobs in a specific order sequence
  • Allows you to pause the job list if needed to run “hot” jobs
  • Tracks and monitors job progress with real-time display of job status

Less manual material handling, with these benefits:

  • Better ergonomics, reduced manual lifting and handling of large sheets
  • Improved safety, reducing the likelihood of injuries/accidents that can occur with human intervention
  • Greater efficiency, as automation runs continuously without stops or breaks, meals, or vacation
  • Increased floor space with less material stacked on the shop floor
  • Less time spent moving material (to and from the machine) during production

Automated night/weekend production:

  • Operate three work shifts without having to pay two additional employees/overtime
  • Run a job list even during the work day
  • Free up employees to oversee other operations
  • Run longer jobs during non-peak hours
  • Optional feature: Alarm notification can alert user if the machine stops

Ability to run full size sheets 5×10 automated, so you can:

  • Nest parts to maximize sheet utilization
  • Reduce cost per individual part
  • Reduce requirement to shear blanks to size

Automated machines provide a quick return on investment.

Here’s a sample calculation:

Automation is usually 150% efficient when compared to one average worker.  In this example, we will compare it to 100% efficiency of three employees on staff 24/7.

Considering an employee’s benefits package (wage/healthcare/retirement) cost at $100,000 per year:


  • Three (3) employees x $100,000 = $300,000
  • Cost of punch automation approximately = $300,000
  • The ROI would be less than 1 year with equal efficiency to three employees.

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