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Easy-Form® Laser (EFL) technology makes it easy to achieve an accurate bend from the first operation, which is especially critical for fabricators handling high-mix, low volume production with fewer skilled operators. 

The in-process angle monitoring system adapts the punch position in real-time to assure bending accuracy and repeatability, eliminate manual test bending and correcting, reduce scrap and minimize operator involvement.

While most press brakes feature some form of angle measurement technology, these systems are far from equal. What to look for in a “real-time” angle measurement system?


The measurement system should not slow down the cycle time.


Look for a system that references an onboard (in the controller) springback database.


The measurement sensors should have no physical contact with the material.


Sensors should measure from the front and back of the part.


The ideal system is able to use a wide range of V-dies (various opening and height variants).


The system should provide programmable position on the part and across the bed of the machine.


It should allow for offline programming.

Systems that do not operate in real time take a measurement of the angle at a ram position above what is required to create the bend.  From the measurement taken, the system then calculates the final position to create the bend angle.  This takes time, which significantly slows the cycle and offers little advantage over the traditional trial and error method. 

The LVD Easy-Form® Laser (EFL) adaptive bending system offers true in-process control.  Here’s how the EFL system works: 

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