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The Innovation Tour showcases all the technology solutions we provide, including extra-large format products like our Taurus laser cutting machine. While we can’t demonstrate XXL machinery on the Tour, our Tour team provides the next best thing – guiding you through virtual presentations and videos of our entire XXL portfolio.

Here’s a preview of the Taurus XXL laser cutting machine.

What’s New in XXL Processing

For years, CO2 lasers and plasma arc cutters held the advantage and dominated the market when it came to processing large parts or heavy workpieces. More recently, the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of high-power fiber lasers make fiber laser technology ideal for large-format cutting in applications for service centers, shipyards, off-road vehicles, construction, large-plate subcontracting and others.

What’s also changed is machine construction. Many large-format lasers now use a gantry-style design similar to oxy-fuel and plasma cutters. This offers a big advantage – the length of the laser machine comes down to the available floor space and is not restricted by the machine construction as with a shuttle table format.

A Unique XXL Modular Machine

Taurus is a unique laser cutting machine with the capacity to deliver extra-large productivity gains. A modular design, the machine size begins at a 10-meter bed length and can be expanded in increments of 4 meters to a maximum bed length of 42 meters. Taurus can cut workpieces up to 3200 mm wide and up to 30 mm thick and is available with a 6-, 8-, 10- or 12-kW laser source.

The modular design lets you size the Taurus to fit your XXL application. Process large parts without repositioning, cut multiple smaller workpieces in continuous, uninterrupted fashion. Parts can be cut on one section of the table while offloaded on another, minimizing downtime.

The laser cutting head is designed for high laser power and 24/7 operation with faster zoom optics and motorized, infinitely variable adjustment of focus diameter and focus position for top cutting performance and productivity. High dynamics and high process reliability ensure maximum throughput and precision cutting in a large-format machine.

Productivity to the Max

Taurus is engineered for productivity. Featuring:

  • Optimal access: A 4-meter-wide cover slides open for easy access to the gantry. Access to the cutting head and nozzle changer is via a door adjacent to the control. Taurus also features a second 19-inch controller on the gantry and a handheld control for jog actions.
  • High-quality bevel cuts: The bevel cutting option enables high-quality bevel cuts up to 45 degrees.
  • Integrated fabrication: CADMAN® L laser cutting software makes programming easy and laser cutting reliable.
  • Optional automatic 30-position nozzle changer: Keeps productivity high for continuous, uninterrupted processing.
  • Secure operation: Three safety scanners ensure secure movement of the gantry; 2D scanners provide collision prevention.

Discover more about Taurus on the Innovation Tour. Check out product specifications and download the brochure here.