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On the Innovation Tour, we’ll also introduce you to the many service and support offerings we provide to keep your LVD equipment as productive as possible. One such program is CADMAN® Club.

CADMAN® Club is a subscription-based service for CADMAN software, offering comprehensive support benefits to ensure your CADMAN products are the latest technology and delivering a range of ongoing support assistance.

Why CADMAN Club?

  • A customer-centric approach
  • Significantly lower up-front investment in CADMAN-L, B, P software
  • Software technology is always current
  • Unlimited software updates, training, technical support and more
  • Increased confidence in your software solution

Membership tiers are based on the number of technologies (laser cutting, bending, punching) you employ. Members with five or more licenses, regardless of technologies, receive a 25% discount.

Annual dues are per year, per license. With CADMAN Club, you get software support with a fixed regular expense, so you don’t have to guess what your future costs will be. This support will help reduce downtime, so your operation can be more productive.

Club advantages

As a CADMAN Club member, you enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Unlimited software updates (Note: CADMAN and Touch-control software; existing LVD hardware must be able to support the software update)
  • Unlimited classroom training at an LVD facility in North America (excludes travel expenses)
  • Unlimited service packs
  • Unlimited technical phone support during business hours, M-F, 8 AM – 5 PM Eastern
  • Web-based assistance via tools such as Telecontrol
  • All licenses are floating licenses – install on the server and use the same license on multiple computers
  • Service interventions for updates, remote access and teleconferencing by Service technicians (excludes travel and accommodation expenses)
  • For more than 5 licenses, regardless of the technology, the price of annual dues for any additional license is reduced 25%

CADMAN Club also covers other specialty software modules: CADMAN-SDI (design), CADMAN-JOB (Manufacturing Execution System), and our industrial-grade tablet, Touch-i4.

Our Innovation Tour team is ready to tell you more about CADMAN Club, calculate your membership tier and dues and discuss a customized program based on your needs.