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Precision bending

How to get precision bending results every time without an experienced operator? The key is adaptive bending technology. Discover the critical aspects of the modern adaptive bending system.

Robotic bending

Looking to automate bending operations? Robotic bending technology has come a long way – now there’s no robot reaching and the “art to part” journey can take less than 20 minutes. Find out what this could mean for your shop.

Fiber laser cutting essentials

Bring laser cutting operations inhouse with a low-cost, “just the essentials” fiber laser cutting machine. Reduce production costs, increase flexibility in product design, and gain control of lead times and product quality.

XXL fiber laser cutting

Cutting high-tensile materials, large, heavy workpieces, a broader diversity of jobs? Move over plasma, the XXL fiber laser is making a winning case for large-format cutting. Learn what the XXL laser has to offer.

Modular automation

Higher efficiency and throughput result from improving process flow. Find out how modular automation systems can make the most of your laser cutting and punching machinery.

Flexible punching

Punch, tap, form, bend on a single machine. Today’s punch press technology is more flexible than ever before. Learn how the punch press adds value.

Punch – Laser combination processing

Combine high-accuracy punching with the speed and versatility of fiber laser cutting for complete part processing on one machine to reduce handling and secondary operations. Is a combination machine right for you?

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Tube laser cutting

Gain more capacity to cut tubes and pipes with a feature-rich tube laser. A 45-degree tilt-axis cutting head for beveling, 6-position front loader, 2 kW fiber laser, and large X-axis cutting head range are key features that make the difference.

Integrated process flow

Streamline your complete fabrication process – from production control, communication, planning and management to punching, bending and laser cutting – through integrated, data-driven software.